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Colonial Clinic is an intensive outpatient Chemical Dependency treatment center in Spokane, WA. Our treatment center is different because we believe in a special Closed Group system to foster trust, accountability and friendship. Our patients and their families also benefit from professional counseling, a parallel family program and educational seminars.

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Colonial Clinic’s clients have better treatment experiences and better outcomes for 6 important reasons.


Our approach is different from many of the substance abuse treatment centers you may have come across. We focus on treating the individual as well as the family, and we have a long-standing reputation of success. 


Unlike other outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs, our treatment groups are not open. In other words, once the group is formed, no new patients are admitted into the group.

This Closed Group therapy approach fosters trust, accountability, and friendship. Many of our clients remain friends as a result of the lasting bond that is created during group experiences. The closed group is often the first strong support system for our clients beginning the process of recovery.

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Family involvement in substance abuse therapy, together with family education, results in better treatment outcomes.


Our parallel family counseling program begins on the same day as the patient’s treatment. Introduction to both family and individual treatment programs are presented to each group simultaneously.


Mental health counseling is available from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is also dually licensed as a Chemical Dependency Professional. Providing treatment for emotional and mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety.

Ours is a holistic approach to treatment in order to assist people with co-occurring disorders.

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A simple but in-depth Substance Abuse Evaluation can determine the severity of any substance abuse problem.


A typical drug or alcohol evaluation at Colonial Clinic lasts two hours. The need for outpatient, inpatient, mental health treatment, or no treatment at all can be easily determined with our professional assessment.

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Help for overcoming addiction does not have to end with intensive outpatient treatment or rehab. At Colonial Clinic, we offer relapse prevention groups for individuals who have made it past these checkpoints in the road to recovery. Our relapse prevention therapy sessions provide individuals with support, encouragement, and guidance to get back on track or keep the momentum going.

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Colonial Clinic offers an exclusive women’s group to help women of all ages navigate, process, and heal from a variety of issues that challenge women today. Our women’s support group is an open group that usually consists of six to eight (but no more than twelve) women.


This close-knit structure provides a safe place to be vulnerable, grow friendships, develop support systems, and heal. Because of the support and comfort women receive, many women choose to continue the program beyond the recommended period.


We understand that the challenge of facing substance abuse or addiction is daunting. That is why we offer free initial consultations for our drug and alcohol treatment outpatient services.


Anyone who is concerned about abuse or addiction can schedule an in-person meeting with one of our counselors. They will be able answer your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about treatment options.

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We offer other related substance abuse services to help individuals, families, schools and organizations affected by substance abuse. For that reason, Colonial Clinic has developed the knowledge and expertise to help in all aspects of treatment.


Our substance abuse treatment services include:

  • Educational Seminars

  • Alcohol Drug Information School

  • Family Counseling Sessions

  • Substance Abuse Program

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Phone: (509) 327-9831


Address: 910 North Washington

Suite 210

Spokane, WA 99201

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