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About Colonial Clinic

Colonial Clinic’s clients have better treatment experiences and better outcomes for six important reasons

Let us tell you a little bit about Colonial Clinic. Our approach is different from many of the substance abuse treatment centers you may have come across. We focus on treating the individual as well as the family, and we have the long-standing reputation to back it up. Here are some of the things that set us apart.

  1. Closed Group Therapy eliminates unknown group members, increasing trust as the group progresses

  2. Parallel Family Program runs concurrently to the treatment program

  3. Treatment starts with an intensive frequency of sessions (5 times per week), reducing relapses in the group

  4. Co-occurring Mental Health Counseling

  5. Staff members are in recovery themselves

  6. A 30-year reputation of helping individuals and families suffering with substance use disorders


Colonial Clinic is an intensive outpatient Chemical Dependency treatment center in Spokane, WA. Our treatment center is different because we believe in a special Closed Group system to foster trust, accountability and friendship. Our patients and their families also benefit from professional counseling, a parallel family program and educational seminars.

Our professional counselors are certified to treat both Chemical Dependency and co-occurring Mental Health Conditions. They know how to help because many of them are in recovery themselves.

We offer free initial consultations. To schedule a visit, call (509) 327-9831.

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