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Mental Health Counseling

Colonial Clinic’s Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Colonial Clinic is a Spokane, WA, mental health resource that provides a holistic approach to treatment in order to assist people with co-occurring disorders. Mental health counseling is available from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is also dually licensed as a Chemical Dependency Professional. We provide treatment for emotional and mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety.

The Connection Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The National Bureau of Economic Research found that there is a “definite connection between mental illness and the use of addictive substances.” Their study found those with mental disorders are responsible for the consumption of:

  • 38% of alcohol

  • 44% of cocaine

  • 40% of cigarettes

The World Health Organization claims depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Substance abuse can worsen depression, increasing the risk of addiction, overdose and suicide.

As a valuable Spokane mental health resource, Colonial Clinic offers free initial consultations for those interested in learning more about our mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment programs. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our mental health counselors.

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