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Related Services

Let Colonial Clinic Help You with Our Counseling, Seminars, and Programs

In addition to our highly effective Closed Group Therapy programs, we offer other related substance abuse services to help individuals, families, and organizations affected by substance abuse. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, or something else, addictions affect more than just the individual. Families, schools, and communities are also affected by abuse. For that reason, Colonial Clinic has developed the knowledge and expertise to help in all aspects of treatment. Our substance abuse treatment services include:

  • Family Counseling Sessions

  • Women’s Program

  • Relapse Prevention Program

  • Alcohol Drug Information School

  • Family Support Groups

  • Educational Seminars

  • Substance Abuse Program

Colonial Clinic also offers current listings to outside support group meetings such as Alcoholics AnonymousNarcotics AnonymousCelebrate RecoveryCocaine AnonymousAl-AnonNar-Anon and others.


How Much Do Our Related Substance Abuse Services Cost?

We accept almost all private insurance plans. We also accept private payment. To make our substance abuse treatment services more affordable, we spread the cost of each program out over the length of the treatment.

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